We Do Not Sell Your Data
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Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), beginning January 1, 2020, California residents have the right to opt out of the sale of personal information about them or their household, such as (though not limited to) their name, postal or email address, and other personally identifying information. You need not be physically present in California to exercise this right as long as you have a current California residence.

At DKN Hotels, we respect your privacy and never sell or lease any personal information or data collected from you as outlined in our privacy policy. We are also committed to providing guests and users with as many privacy choices as we reasonably can.

If you would like to exercise your rights as provided by the CCPA, such as the right to access or delete your personal information, you or your authorized agent or representative may email us at Marketing@DKNHotels.com or contact us via postal mail at the following address:

Shanna Davis
Attn: Privacy Request
42 Corporate Park, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92606

Except as otherwise required by law, requests pertaining to children under 18 should be submitted by a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult representative.

The rights provided by the CCPA are subject to certain exemptions and exceptions, as specified in the applicable statutes and/or associated regulations issued by California’s Office of the Attorney General. Those statues and/or regulations may also stipulate the maximum time allowed for acknowledging and responding to a request.

There is no charge for making privacy-related requests.

Please note that we may be required to verify your identity before processing certain data-related requests as a way to safeguard your privacy and the privacy of others.

In some cases, we may be unable to fulfill your request because we have no way to verify your identity to the standard the law and/or its associated regulations require. Example (but without limitation): If you have visited our website, but never left submitted a Contact Form, completed a hotel booking with us, or interacted with us via email or other means, we likely do not have enough information to confirm your identity to even a “reasonable degree of certainty” (as the applicable regulations may define that term).

(To learn more about the data we gather in connection with this website and/or its associated services, please consult the Privacy Policy.)